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16 Natural or Organic Beauty Brands You Should Consider

RMS Beauty

01-rms-beauty-luminizer-w724Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift regularly gives Victoria’s Secret models their girl-next-door glow. Her natural products (like her popular Living Luminizer, which uses mica to impart a gentle sheen to skin) contain the absolute bare-minimum ingredients, and earth-minded Angels like Giseleand Miranda Kerr have given them their approval.

Tracie Martyn

02-tracie-martyn-exoliant-w724All of Martyn’s products are free of dyes, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, and extra fillers, leaving only super-strength skin care behind. Tory Burch is a fan of Martyn’s firming serum, and we’re partial to her volcanic mineral and alpha hydroxy acid enzyme exfoliant.

Seventh Generation

03-seventh-generation-natural-skin-serum-h724We knew Seventh Generation made killer natural cleaning products, but who knew it also had a line of plant-based skin care products? Well, now you do. The company’s serum collection includes six variations geared toward skin concerns including dryness, acne, and irritation. Expect natural ingredients like jojoba oil, oat extract, and tea tree oil for rejuvenation. One Glamour staffer swears by mixing a few drops of the hydrating serum in her morning moisturizer to ward off flaky skin.

J.R. Watkins

04-jr-watkins-body-scrub-w724This old-school (established in 1868) brand is known for its all-natural apothecary remedies and cooking extracts (bourbon vanilla, anyone?). So launching a bath-and-body line, was only, er, natural for the brand. The latest must-have? Its Lemon Cream Sugar and Shea Body Scrub, plus a full line of anti-aging body products.

100% Pure

05-100-percent-pure-facial-scrub-w724This line of carefully formulated skin care and fruit-pigmented cosmetics aims to create products using only pure, organic, and safe ingredients. We’re pretty sure you’ll love everything, but try the face and body scrubs (we like the Cherry Honey facial scrub) if you don’t know where to start.


06-x-trap-face-wash-w724The products in this green beauty brand are cold-processed and formulated in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and efficacy. The X-Trap face wash is a best-seller and a cult favorite of many beauty insiders.

Balanced Guru

07-balanced-guru-masque-w724Using certified organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and aromatherapy, this brand covers all the basics of natural and green beauty needs. Mix its Antioxidant Masque (a powder blend of vitamins and antioxidant-rich berries and circulation-stimulating clove and cinnamon) with water to create a ready-anytime mask that will leave your skin glowing.


08-suki-exfoliating-foaming-cleanser-w724This cult beauty brand’s award-winning Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser is a huge hit among beauty editors, and you’ll find familiar ingredients like sugar, lemongrass, and coconut oil throughout its roster of products.

Tata Harper

09-tata-harper-resurfacing-mask-w724Harper is committed to chemical-free products that make use of natural, bio-active ingredients in her skin care line. The award-winning Resurfacing Mask has a unique gel-like texture that refines skin with pore-minimizing witch hazel, detoxifying pink clay, and hydrating beet extract.


10-espa-optimal-skin-proserum-w724This high-end brand operates luxury spas all over the world (think Mandarin Oriental) and also produces its own eponymous product line. The company is dedicated to removing chemical “extras” from its skin care products and using natural ingredients as much as possible. Its new Optimal Skin ProSerum relies on nourishing omega 3, 6, and 9 oils, vitamins, and natural extracts like seaweed and turmeric to hydrate and even skin tone.

Votre Vu

11-votre-vu-bilberry-bergamot-peel-w724Francophiles will love this brand’s Paris roots, but nature buffs are the real target audience. Those looking for simple, effective formulas will appreciate the small-batch, botanically driven products. The Nouveau Glow Bilberry Bergamot Peel, for example, uses tomato, lemon, grapefruit, bilberry, paprika, bergamot, papaya, and little else to smooth skin naturally.

Kora Organics


Supermodel Miranda Kerr created Kora in order to complement her organic, healthy lifestyle with an equally healthy beauty regimen. The brand sticks to certified-organic ingredients and avoids any toxic or synthetic ones. Kerr has said she is partial to the Hydrating Mask, and the Luxurious Rosehip Oil is a great way to add a supple texture and dewy glow back to dehydrated skin.


Using natural Indonesian ingredients (inspired by the founder’s roots in Bali), this skin and body brand is known for bringing candlenut oil to the United States. Before the launch of Juara, candlenut oil was relatively unknown here, which might be why the brand’s deliciously scented and moisturizing Candlenut Body Crème is so popular.

Antonym Cosmetics


This natural makeup line is fully certified organic by Ecocert, ensuring the highest quality and level of safety. The products make use of mineral pigments, and you won’t find any animal-derived ingredients or synthetic components on the label. Even the eyeliner is enriched with maruba and jojoba oils, making this a great line for sensitive skin.

Le Couvent des Minimes


What could be more chic than a rose-scented cream from France? Roses have been used for centuries in French skin care, and Le Couvent des Minimes believes in preserving what works. Using natural ingredients like rose-hip oil (to protect skin), damask rosewater (to soften), and rose oil (to purify), each product smells as pretty as your skin will look after using it.


80 Acres


McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, California, is the home to 80 acres of olive trees imported from Tuscany. In addition to producing high-quality, certified organic olive oils for cooking, the owner developed a line of pure, natural beauty products, fittingly called 80 Acres. The ranch’s own olive oil is at the heart of every formula, and those with dry, sensitive skin will especially appreciate the super-rich lip balm, body oil, and body balm—all made with natural ingredients.

This post originally appeared on Glamour by Marissa Gold, a writer and editor who’s covered beauty, fashion, and relationships for the past 10 years. 

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